Telia Carrier

Taking our customers to the Cloud – Welcome to Cloud...

17 views December 11, 2018

Learn how enterprises get the best connection to the cloud using Telia’s Cloud Connect.

Telia Carrier

Taking our customers to the cloud – a CEO’s perspective

13 views December 11, 2018

We talked to Telia Carriers CEO Staffan Gjöeryd about Cloud Connect.

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“The next big thing” - The music tech startup Stagecast...

5 views December 06, 2018

From university students with a passion for tech, music and events to a startup that got off the...

Telia Company

Telia och Ericsson aktiverar Sveriges första 5G-nät på KTH

7 views December 06, 2018

Den 5:e december aktiverades Sveriges första 5G-nät på KTH. Siten på plats är den första...

Telia Company

Highlights från presskonferensen när Telia och Ericsson...

7 views December 06, 2018

Se när Johan Dennelind, Börje Ekholm, koncernchef Ericsson, och Jan Gulliksen, vicerektor KTH,...

Telia Company

Telia Talk - Using Data for Social Good

61 views November 14, 2018

The smart and connected society can get even smarter, greener and more sustainable when we...

People & Brand

“Leading by being a role model”

1,933 views November 13, 2018

Claes Öhlund, Sales Area Manager at Telia in Sweden Claes is a customer obsessed leader of...

People & Brand

“Going further by being smarter”

103 views October 25, 2018

Kirke Saar is creating smarter cities and improving life with new technology. She has become CTO...

Telia Company

AsthmaTuner film

56 views October 23, 2018

People & Brand

Securing Success

2,720 views October 08, 2018

Fredrik Börjesson, Head of Information Security Consulting at Cygate, a part of Telia Meet...


SERT Kickoff

14 views October 03, 2018

Software Engineering ReThought kickoff.

People & Brand

Growing Exponentially

898 views September 26, 2018

Hilde Aasnæs, Content Manager at Telia in Norway, has had an intense and mind-blowing experience...