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Inspired by insights

470 views June 17, 2019

Erika Wiberg lives her life changing the future of customer experience. When developing new...

People & Brand

Empowering healthcare

397 views June 10, 2019

Get to know Eleonore Holmström-Östlind who is developing tech solutions that will improve life...

People & Brand

Unleashing super powers

1,129 views May 27, 2019

Meet Magnus Grönblad, Group Lead Self Leadership & Team Development at Telia Company in Stockholm...

People & Brand

Improving experiences with data

1,109 views May 07, 2019

Daniela Capsa is part of a team working with TV at Telia. She is a data scientist crunching data...

People & Brand

Turning movements into opportunities

1,262 views April 30, 2019

Get to know Tapio Levä who is connecting the dots for Telia’s customers by offering new...

People & Brand

New Joiners March 15 2019

102 views March 15, 2019

The ondemand version of the live broadcast from Oslo, Norway.

People & Brand

Developing experiences

909 views March 19, 2019

Mindaugas Urbontaitis and his team are developing a website for Telia’s wholesale customers. They...

Press conferences

Telia Company Year - End Report January - December 2018

697 views January 25, 2019

Webcast of the Press and Analyst Conference for Telia Company’s Year-End report,...

Telia Carrier

Taking our customers to the Cloud – Welcome to Cloud...

83 views December 11, 2018

Learn how enterprises get the best connection to the cloud using Telia’s Cloud Connect.

Telia Carrier

Taking our customers to the cloud – a CEO’s perspective

48 views December 11, 2018

We talked to Telia Carriers CEO Staffan Gjöeryd about Cloud Connect.

People & Brand

“The next big thing” - The music tech startup Stagecast...

128 views December 06, 2018

From university students with a passion for tech, music and events to a startup that got off the...