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People & Brand

Securing Success

2,935 views October 08, 2018

Fredrik Börjesson, Head of Information Security Consulting at Cygate, a part of Telia Meet...

People & Brand

Growing Exponentially

1,413 views September 26, 2018

Hilde Aasnæs, Content Manager at Telia in Norway, has had an intense and mind-blowing experience...

People & Brand

“Moving with the flow”

328 views September 13, 2018

Say hi to Alexander from Stockholm. He is a passionate internet of things specialist. With a...

People & Brand

Removing cards from your wallet

652 views September 03, 2018

In this fast-moving, ever-changing and technology-driven digital world we are proud to introduce...

People & Brand

“Stepping up the game” - Raakel Aaltonen,...

524 views September 10, 2018

Former World of Warcraft champion Raakel Aaltonen landed her dream job at Telia and is now taking...

People & Brand

Saving lives with tech

236 views August 21, 2018

Abraham Setiawan, Innovation coach and Product Development Manager, Telia Sweden This short...

People & Brand

“On her way to success”

587 views July 05, 2018

Sophie Hildestad started her career in Telia’s global trainee program DareTrainee and has worked...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Albert Skog

187 views June 19, 2018

Albert is the Swede who left his home country to go on an adventure in Norway. He is now working...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Helena Loitmaa

304 views June 05, 2018

Each week, you will meet people from across our company, as they share their stories, their...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Sally Emini

1,802 views June 05, 2018

Get to know Sally Emini, Account Manager for small and midsize companies. She has had many...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Claus Berthou Madsen

153 views June 05, 2018

Claus is a Senior Project Manager at Telia in Copenhagen who runs cutting-edge projects together...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Mari Sundell

204 views June 05, 2018

This week we meet Mari Sundell from Helsinki. She is the true techie who became an Insight Manager.