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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Milda Maslauskaité

165 views June 05, 2018

This week we meet Milda Maslauskaité, a Project Manager who left bustling London to be part of...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Haval van Drumpt

294 views June 05, 2018

Haval van Drumpt went into a Telia Store in the late nineties and more-or-less demanded a job. He...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Sami Mäntyharju

558 views June 25, 2018

Sami Mäntyharju is a Senior Security Manager and a passionate scuba diver. He sees a lot of...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Kajsa Johansen

1,332 views May 16, 2018

Say hello to Kajsa Johansen who works as a Customer Advisor at Telia in Luleå, Sweden. This...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Tanuja Rameux

580 views June 25, 2018

Tanuja Rameux wanted to achieve something greater with her degree in technology. So she moved...

People & Brand

#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Ivo Kukavica

232 views May 08, 2018

Having spent a few years as a consultant and an HR-specialist at Ericsson, Ivo decided to come to...