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“Moving with the flow”

253 views September 13, 2018

Say hi to Alexander from Stockholm. He is a passionate internet of things specialist. With a...

People & Brand

“Stepping up the game” - Raakel Aaltonen,...

300 views September 10, 2018

Former World of Warcraft champion Raakel Aaltonen landed her dream job at Telia and is now taking...

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“On her way to success”

500 views July 05, 2018

Sophie Hildestad started her career in Telia’s global trainee program DareTrainee and has worked...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Albert Skog

120 views June 19, 2018

Albert is the Swede who left his home country to go on an adventure in Norway. He is now working...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Helena Loitmaa

133 views June 05, 2018

Each week, you will meet people from across our company, as they share their stories, their...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Sally Emini

183 views June 05, 2018

Get to know Sally Emini, Account Manager for small and midsize companies. She has had many...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Claus Berthou Madsen

104 views June 05, 2018

Claus is a Senior Project Manager at Telia in Copenhagen who runs cutting-edge projects together...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Mari Sundell

112 views June 05, 2018

This week we meet Mari Sundell from Helsinki. She is the true techie who became an Insight Manager.

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Andrius Kašėta

791 views June 05, 2018

Andrius Kašėta has always worked with IT. But a few years ago, he slowly became convinced that he...

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#PeopleOfTelia – Meet Milda Maslauskaité

132 views June 05, 2018

This week we meet Milda Maslauskaité, a Project Manager who left bustling London to be part of...

Telia Company

We are the People of Telia

744 views June 25, 2018

Let’s bring the world closer. Together. Telia Company's 21,000 talented colleagues serve...