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Telia Company

Telia Talk - Using Data for Social Good

182 views November 14, 2018

The smart and connected society can get even smarter, greener and more sustainable when we...


Telia Stories - No Isolation

78 views June 27, 2018

No Isolation makes robots (AV1) for children and young people with Long-Term-Conditions, who due...


Anne Larilahti on fighting abuse material online

148 views June 26, 2018

Anne Larilahti explains Telia’s role and work in fighting child sexual abuse material online.


Sustainability - I fight climate change

576 views June 05, 2018

Every day at work we all contribute to make the world a better place. How is that possible and in...

Telia Talks

Telia Talks - Fighting Child Sexual Abuse...

303 views June 25, 2018

Just as many other crimes, sexual abuse of children have moved on-line. On the bright side,...